EMOM – An effective and interesting training technique

EMOMs can be used effectively to change up your routine or work in a quick workout when you’re short on time. But what are EMOMs?

Woman weight lifting

Weight Training – Women Centric Queries and Concerns

This post addresses common queries and concerns women have regarding strength/weight training.

Six pack

How to get six pack abs?

Everyone wishes they had a six pack. But how can you go about getting one and what are the factors you need to take into consideration?

Weight loss

5 reasons you’re not losing weight

You’re on a diet and you’ve started working out but you’re still not losing weight? Here’s 5 reasons why that may be the case.

Split squats

Making a case for the Bulgarian Split squat

Can’t barbell squat? The Bulgarian split squat is a fantastic alternate that can be just as effective for your gains.

calculate calories and macros

How to calculate calories and macros

Learn how to calculate calories and macros suitable to your fitness goals. Nutrition is extremely important and this is the first step to getting your nutrition on point.

Pillars of your fitness journey

The pillars of your fitness journey

These are the fundamental things you need to know and understand before you start your fitness journey. If you’re already on your way, reinforcing these fundamentals will go a long way.

fitness myths and mistakes

Fitness myths and mistakes

Some popular myths and misconceptions floating around in the fitness industry. Do you identify with any of these?