TDEE and Macro Calculator -
Steps to use the TDEE and Macro Calculator
  • 1. Enter all personal information

  • 2. Choose activity level. Be conservative when choosing your level. For most people sedentary or Light activity would be the right choice.

  • 3. For Target, choose "Maintenance" if you want to put on some muscle and lose fat. Choose "Normal Cut" if you want to lose fat. Choose "Normal Bulk" if you want to put on muscle mass. Use "Aggressive Cut" only if you consider yourself rather overweight.

  • 4. Choose one of the 3 preset macro percentages (Shredifyme, Zone, Ketogenic) or enter/adjust the percentages as you require.

  • 5. Press the Calculate button.

  • Note:

    - The calculator only gives you an indication as to what your daily calories need to be at. Begin by following the target calories given by the calculator for 2 weeks. If your intention is to cut and you're not losing weight on a weekly basis reduce another 100 calories and repeat. Do the opposite for a bulk i.e. add 100 calories if you're not putting on weight on a weekly basis.

    - Consult a medical practitioner before making any drastic dietary changes, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.


TDEE and Macro Calculator

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