Mental health helpline

Battling the mental health echo pandemic

The current Covid-19 pandemic situation is beyond just a Health-Care emergency. It has implications that go much beyond just that. It has far reaching economic and financial implications that are going to have unbelievable effects on people’s mental health.


EMOM – An effective and interesting training technique

EMOMs can be used effectively to change up your routine or work in a quick workout when you’re short on time. But what are EMOMs?

Woman weight lifting

Weight Training – Women Centric Queries and Concerns

This post addresses common queries and concerns women have regarding strength/weight training.


Festive excesses – 7 ways to deal with it

Festivals are a time when people get off track with their fitness goals and have a hard time getting back on track. Here are seven ways you can stay on track while enjoying the holidays.

Green smoothie

Green Smoothie – Recipe

A vitamin and antioxidant filled smoothie to start your day!

Split squats

Making a case for the Bulgarian Split squat

Can’t barbell squat? The Bulgarian split squat is a fantastic alternate that can be just as effective for your gains.

Turmeric Superfood

Superfoods – Turmeric

Why is turmeric considered a superfood? Also a simple recipe using turmeric as an ingredient.

fasting with water

Fasting – What, Why and How?

What is fasting, why should you try fasting and how should you fast?